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Don’t sit out on the game of life because of hearing loss.

Hearing Aids AustinAs hearing aid technology advances, the specialists at The Comprehensive ENT Center of Texas stay on the pulse of the latest solutions available.  We offer all styles of Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Devices from the top brands including Widex, Starkey, Phonak, ReSound and Unitron.  Today’s hearing aids help reduce background noise and increase speech understanding, so speech is clearer and easier to understand.

Our audiologist is a doctor of audiology and will accurately assess your condition to provide a customized treatment plan that will work best for you. Whether you are searching for a good, basic hearing aid or the latest speech processing technology with Bluetooth connectivity, Dr. Deyanira Gonzalez will work with you to ensure that you are satisfied with your new hearing device.

If you are ready to hear what you've been missing, call us today to set up a consultation.

To learn more about living with hearing aids, please download our hearing aid patient guide: Manual for Better Hearing with Hearing Aids.

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