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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Leeman, Thank you for taking such great care of me during one of the most frightening periods in my life.  You were so gracious in getting me in quickly and seeing me through.  Needless to say, it was difficult for me to be on the patient side of things.  I am so grateful for your kindness and attention to the little details.  Forever grateful - H.D.

We started our doctor-patient relationship in the mid 2000's to address my recurring sinus infection issues (20 years+).  As a result, about 5-6 years ago, Dr. Leeman conducted deviated septum/turbinate reduction surgery successfully on me.  My sinus issues have been minimal since.  Changed my life, will always be grateful! - James G.

Every time I have been to Comp ENT I have felt very comfortable and Dr. Leeman is a wonderful doctor. - Jerri B.

Everything went very quickly. Everyone was very friendly. The doctor offered a lot of information and advice. Excellent visit. - Andy A.

Although I arrived early for my appointment, the staff actually took time from their lunch hour to see me because I was there.  I am and have always been extremely impressed with the professional and courteous care that I receive at your clinic. - Cecil C.

Dr. Leeman is the most wonderful doctor in the world!  He treats my family for several things and we have so much trust in him!  The staff are fantastic...we would not go to anyone else...we love him and the whole bunch! - Alsan B.

I truly appreciate Dr. Leeman and his staff.  They are always so attentive, informative and kind.  Thank you! - Dayna C.

Dr. Leeman, Just a line to thank you for being so kind to me.  You're a terrific doctor! - Nelda B.

Dr. Leeman and his staff are the best health care professionals out all of the medical personnel I see on a year round basis. - Jason H.

Dr. Leeman, in an era where litigiousness is rampant, and complaint letters are pretty much the only consumer correspondence, I thought you might want to hear from an extremely satisfied patient.  I feared just about every aspect of my nasal surgery; no matter how relatively minor (as surgery) the procedure was.  I feared the needles, being put under, pain afterwards, and, most of all, the resulting appearance of my nose.  This morning, while looking into the mirror, I literally had to stare for a while to find my scar.  It's there, but you really have to look for it.  The forehead scar has also made significant progress. Also, I am waking up without sore throats, and I am breathing through my nose with increasing comfort each day.  From all reports, I am no longer snoring.  In short, it appears you did a fantastic job.  Furthermore, throughout, you were consistently informative, accessible, and professional. My compliments, and my appreciation are yours. "Truth is always beautiful and appropriate, at all times and in all situations." - Frederick Douglas - Rob T.

I feel very comfortable when I enter the office and feel appreciated.  Staff is always friendly and helpful - G.G.

Doc Leeman, your work was nothing but excellent.  It just feels like it's going to for once in the last few decades work properly.  As for the sinus septoplasty and nasal reconstruction, I would like to say thank you.  I appreciate all of the quality work that you did for me.  I feel safe in knowing that you did the septoplasty and nasal reconstruction.  I can see that you take great pride in your work and are very capable at your craft.  It has certainly been an honor being worked on by you.  I find you to be a very professional, capable, intelligent individual that seems to be caring.  And for treating me in those ways, I would again like to say thank you very much and I truthfully appreciate every single thing that you have done for me. - Bill A.

Very expedient, the team was concise, efficient and pleasant.  I understand my condition and i feel my doctor has a clear understanding of why my expected outcomes should be.  I think this clearly defines our relationship and our expectations. - Thomas H.

Dr. Leeman, I just wanted to thank you for being so kind to Al.  You are the sweetest person.  You have gifted us with a fun memory, pulling him up into that box for his hearing test and back out again.  What Dr. Would ever do that!  You are a very special and approachable man to be so, so smart.  I trust you so much! And feel blessed to have come to know you.  I think you know my sinuses better than anyone! Ha! We think very highly of you. - Kathi B.

Dr. Leeman, here is special thanks to a man who makes this world a better place. Thank you for being so kind to me, and for taking such good care of me! - Nelda B.

Dr. Leeman, Thanks for taking such good care of me.  You're a wonderful doctor and you have a wonderful staff.  I'm honored to be your patient - Jeanne R.

Dr. Leeman, I wanted to write you a personal note to let you know how much I appreciate the good work you did for me when you performed my sinus surgery.  I've been sick for years with infections, labored breathing and all of the complications that went with my condition made my life difficult.  I had diminished energy and had difficulty working because of that.  I've also been depressed from being sick all of the time.  I've had a hard time getting going in the morning.  Because of your work, I already have more energy.  I can enjoy food and smell flowers.  I feel stronger and more able to deal with life.  Thank you so much for serving me. - Kathy S.

I have been going to Comprehensive ENT for a very long time, so I figured I should write a review.  The front desk staff is always nice and welcoming. Dr. Leeman and the audiologist are great!   I have never received such thorough care anywhere else, that's why I keep coming back. -- Yelp review - Michelle A.

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